Laurie Weiss, Ph.D.

...helping very smart people stop making dumb relationship mistakes
 and repair the mistakes they have made 
one conversation at a time.


Call or email for your appointment... 

Conversation Strategy Planning Session  
-- a single one hour session 

When you're avoiding having a conversation because: 

  • You don't know quite what to say
  • You are afraid to say something that isn't nice and might be offensive
  • You just plain hate confrontation. 

I can help.

Even on short notice, by phone or by Skype or in person: 

  • You tell me the problem
  • I ask a few questions that will help you decide what you want to accomplish in the conversation
  • Together we plan a step-by-step actions that will make your conversation successful.

If we can't complete the plan within an hour, I'll keep working with you until it's done.

A full range of relationship coaching services for:

Business or professional relationships

  • Executives and business owners 
  • Individuals and small work groups 

Personal relationships 

Executive Couples Counseling

Because of my extensive experience as an executive coach and a relationship counselor I have been especially successful working with executives who are having marriage difficulties. I help them either to repair the relationship or to leave it honorably, with minimal damage to everyone concerned.


Clients work with me in person, by telephone, and electronically (Skype or Yahoo Messenger.)

Phone: 303-794-5379